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MAY 5th - NOISE SHOW! [Wednesday
May 2nd, 2007 @ 3:31pm]

Sat May. 5th
6:00pm | $Donation
@ The Reading Well Bookstore
87A Water St. Charlottetown, PE

D/A A/D (Noise/Drone from Halifax, NS)
Hacksaw (Electro-bang from PE)
Saint Jean (Meathead Metal from PE)
Forest Fire / TSROI (Run for the Hills!)

Don't Be Cheap! All Donations Go to the Touring Band.

More Information: www.MATTBFF.com
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March 23rd, 2007 @ 2:18pm]

Sun March. 25th.
@ The Bandit Lounge (Back Alley Discs - 69 University Ave. Charlottetown)
4:30pm. $5. ALL AGES!!

(grind yer face off from ottawa! relapse records)

(heavy riffs! not five slaps to the face, but five slaps to the throat!)

(folk/pop/indie/whatv. don't be fooled, these girls can throw down!)

(frantic junk rock / grind n roll!)

(pei has a hardcore band? wtf??)

okay dudes, this is two days away! all the money is going to the touring band! please try to bring some vegetarian food! this is the first fuck the facts all ages show on prince edward island in over five years, so fucking don't miss out!

there are advanced tickets available at back alley discs and through myself (matt dixon) and kenny lingley. they cost $5 and guaranttee you a spot... which is kind of a big deal because the venue is really small. woo.

presented by matt dixon & kenny lingley.
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PEEKABOO! [Wednesday
February 21st, 2007 @ 11:59am]

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I understand that half of the people on this list have deleted their journals and this thing hasn't been used in a loooong time.
(neglect, uhoh!)
But I just wanted to say that I am going to try to start this up again and update all the information.

It was a little out of date, oh try, like 2004 kind of out of date.
The band links that were there included Dreams Among Stars for crying out loud.

Anyways, within the next day or so I will hopefully have some updated links, fix up the bio and maybe redo the layout.  

I kind of even doubt anyone is even reading this anymore...but if you are then maybe recruit some people to join and maybe start making some posts!  There's lots of stuff going around and everyone should hear about it.

any suggestions, are lovely.


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November 30th, 2005 @ 8:55pm]

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May 20th, 2005 @ 9:03am]

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